미국 콜롬비아 대학교의 한 강의실.

모두가 조용히 수업을 듣고 있는 가운데 한 학생이 벌떡 일어난다.

“이봐요 선생! 전 정말 의문이에요.

학교에 매일 나오는 일은 정말 끔찍해요.

여기에는 아무런 꿈도 감흥도 없어요…”

공격적인 학생의 질문에 강의실에 있던 학생과 교수가

모두 당황하고 있을 때쯤, 어디선가 음악이 흐르기 시작하고

질문을 던졌던 그 학생은 노래를 시작하며 온 강의실을 누빈다.

we come to class everyday it seems.

we all fall asleep,

we’ve lost all our dreams.

there is no inspiration.

but when did we become this way?

so disillusioned so blase, i can’t make the calculations.

can i borrow your TI83?

hey teach! have you thought for a while about the impact you

have on us?


i think it’s high time you try to extend your living arm to us

and reach!

are you with me, classmates?

what about that guy over there why aren’t you taking notes

don’t you even care this is your education.

this girl sitting over here.

she talks a lot in class, but her thoughts are never quite clear.

so much mental masturbation.

but is it we who are to blame?


by PORTable systems from DIGITal.



HAPPENnings !!!



for REfreshING.

with no aggression !!!

with no violance !!!

for happy

for all !!!


i do love helen.


~ by raytaker 켬 4월 27, 2009.

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