associated artist produkts in progreesival progress.


I remember seeing in 1986, the aap package weeknights on WDBB Channel 17 in Tuscaloosa. “Cousin Cliff” Holman hosted this package of Tom and Jerry as well as pre -1948 WB cartoons. Interestingly enough, “Cousin Cliff” hosted a daily afternoon package of Popeye cartoons in the 1960’s on WAPI.

At the time, I thought AAP was the cartoonists union. Little did I know they were a television distributor. Now, I know. And so will you.

Non-Paramount logo graphics, except for the AAP feature logo, as well as some of the information on this page courtesy of Jon Cooke’s Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page. AAP B&W logo courtesy of Patrick McCart.

a.a.p., who were they and what did they get?
associated artists productions was founded in 1949 as PRM? by Eliot Hyman and others. A year later, Hyman bought out his partners, and was the sole owner of aap. During mid-to-late 1951, a.a.p. merged with David L. Wolper’s and Sy Weintraub’s Flamingo Films, a company which had acquired: a)TV rights to the Eagle-Lion and certain British film libraries, and b)the distribution rights to the “Adventures of Superman” TV series. In late 1953, the two companies became separate entities once again, due to internal squabbling.

Now once again separate from Flamingo Films (Motion Pictures For Television), AAP was revived in 1953, thanks to financing by Manufacturers Hanover Bank, and three years later, in 1956, aap, whose logo is seen above, bought all of the color pre-1948 Warner Bros. color cartoons and the WB live-action film library, including Casablanca, by the way.


~ by raytaker 켬 4월 3, 2009.

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